Fancy Hands vs Belay
Fancy Hands vs Belay

Belay vs Fancy Hands

How do Fancy Hands and Belay compare?

We found a thorough review

Both Fancy Hands and Belay boast a team of US-based VAs. Both can handle a variety of tasks to help you gain precious time. Though in terms of flexibility and cost, Fancy Hands is the clear standout. With Belay, you’re simply delegating the task of finding an assistant to an outside company. You don’t have control over your assistant’s schedule. With Fancy Hands, you have access to the entire team of VAs 24/7, and when you submit different types of tasks, you can be sure that someone who’s experienced and enthusiastic will be there to help. And if you’re looking for a dedicated virtual assistant, Fancy Hands can help with that, too.

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