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How to Use a Virtual Assistant

Deciding to hire a virtual assistant or a VA is a great plan if you are trying to leverage your business by outsourcing tasks that cannot be automated. Virtual assistants work on a contractual basis for your company. Using a virtual assistant can leave you with time to dedicate yourself to core business activities, however, knowing which tasks you can delegate can seem puzzling at first. This is why we are going to look at some effective ways to use a virtual assistant for your business growth!

Calendar scheduling

An experienced virtual assistant can be valuable by taking over your calendar management. They will help you keep you and your team organized and on schedule, from arranging client meetings and managing sales meetings with prospects to larger event preparation.


Keeping track of company bills and other bookkeeping tasks can be one of the simplest things to delegate to your virtual assistant. Many small companies prefer to share their bookkeeping systems with virtual assistants, who can then follow up on things like outstanding payments or pending invoices. Hence, a virtual assistant can help you stay on top of all your bookkeeping tasks efficiently.


Finding information on other corporate websites, gathering information about new products, and verifying possible business contacts are all common tasks that can be executed by your virtual assistant perfectly.

Data entry

Virtual assistants are well-suited in keeping your databases accurate and continually updated. Have a discussion with your VA to communicate your goals and expectations and they will be able to manage your data seamlessly.

Email Management

Virtual assistants will filter your most essential emails and answer the rest on your behalf. Remote email management is simple, and you can ask your assistant to copy to you before sending any answers to add your inputs. With the help of a virtual assistant, communication will become a lot easier for you.

Social Media

Not many people think about delegating this task to their virtual assistants, but your virtual assistant can handle your social media accounts to establish your brand presence. This can include publishing your posts, responding to comments, and managing your overall presence.

Picking the right service

There are so many factors to consider when picking out the right virtual assistant service. Are you looking for US-based assistants or is out-sourcing to another country an option? You can get started with some services for $20 a month, while others cost a lot more.

Check out our reviews of virtual assistant services to find the right one for you.

What else?

Bonus tip: You may already be on top of your business operations, but are unable to dedicate enough time to your personal life. Then, your VA can take care of your appointments, reminders, and other activities for you.

Thus, virtual assistants are a great addition to your company for your tasks and operations.

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