Reviews of Fancy Hands

How to outsource tasks (with specific examples of my tasks!)

Diana Kerr has a great write-up of Fancy Hands’ virtual assistant service.

She isn’t against phone calls, but…

Despite the stereotypes about millennials and phone calls, I am not allergic to making phone calls, but I’ve realized over time that phone calls are rarely as quick as you think they’ll be.

She also recommends using the service for “Research” and “Simple purchases.”

Does Fancy Hands really work? Can I trust them?

Overall, I’m pleased, despite the occasional task that doesn’t go great

Head over and read the full review. Also check out Diana’s main website.

“The statistics that blow my mind”

Arman Assadi the founder and CEO of Steno and host of the podcast FLOW with Arman Assadi has saved valuable time by using Fancy Hands. He says, “The more you can free yourself from things that don’t require your personal attention, the more successful and fulfilled you can be.”

If only we could blow away the competition by getting more actual “work” done and not having to deal with these boring, nonsense tasks. Or what if we had someone to help with the little things so we could focus on being creative and producing good work? There are far too many judgements and preconceptions about what having an assistant really means. But here’s the deal, we’re living a self-directed lifestyle, right? And if we want to be free and achieve great things we need to focus on what’s important. Outsourcing the minutiae of everyday life is one of them.

How was it judged

Category Score
Value “incredible value”
User Interface/Accessibility “Very flexible”
Quality of Work “thoroughly impressed”
Consistency “pretty consistent” (some assistants were better than others)
Responsiveness/Speed “The biggest benefit”

Is Fancy Hands worth it?

Overall, Fancy Hands offers an incredible value. According to Fancy Hands, the average task is something that can be completed in under 20 minutes. My statistics show that I’ve saved 4.1 days or over 98 hours of time. I recommend Fancy Hands to anyone with no reservations.

Read the full article to find the statistic that Arman found “Remarkable.” Check out Arman’s site to learn more about this great entrepreneur.

Fancy Hands Might Just Change Your Work Life For The Better

Matt Handal, a blogger has used Fancy Hands for many services such as having flowers delivered to scouting out daycare options to even having edits done to a document.

Fancy Hands is a service I’ve been using for about two weeks. And I have to say, so far it’s mind-blowingly great!

Fancy Hands can make purchases on your behalf, safely.

They can also make purchases on your behalf. When you “approve” additional purchases to be made, a complex system generates a temporary credit card number for a one-time use for that purchase price only. That way, no one ever sees your card number, keeping your finances secure and not in the hands of many assistants.

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